It’s a Dirty Job but were happy to do it – talking Septic Tanks

Septic tanks come in many shapes and sizes, but in short are all designed for the safe storage of wastewater or sewage. They are utilised where a home or business has poor drainage or cannot connect to a mains facility, usually due to being in a rural or ‘off-grid’ location. Tanks can be made of different materials but are designed to be robust and watertight so the contents cannot escape, creating airborne or ground pollution.

Depending on the size and what it is being used for, septic tanks are emptied for businesses as frequently as twice weekly and for homes, they may be emptied as little as once per year. Either way, the emptying process is by nature a dirty job but under current regulations it must be done by a company properly licenced and insured to do so.

Hiring a professional waste company is therefore the way to go to complete the disposal process. With years of expertise in disposing of all kinds of waste, they will provide the best solution to suit each individual customer.

When the waste company arrives, they will survey the site and confirm the best approach. They will usually attend in a tanker style truck with plenty of capacity to take the waste away. They will have a choice of pipes to reach from their vehicle to the tank and create sufficient suction to remove the tank contents.

What happens if you do not empty your septic tank on a regular basis, you could end up with a nice pungent water feature in your garden or premises a no go area for staff and visitors.   You may experience waste backing up, issues with toilets flushing and strange noises from your pipes.   If things get really bad it can result in waste escaping from your septic tank into soakaway systems, this can be bad news for the environment.  It is also important not to leave the tanktoo long between being emptied because over time the deposits can solidify, which worst-case could require specialist deep cleaning or even replacing the tank.

If you want any advice on septic tank emptying please call our expert team who are on hand to help, as we say it’s a dirty job and were happy to help.

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