Outdoor events a guide to portable toilet hire – we have you covered.

When organising your outdoor open air event there is a lot of planning required.  One of the main things that can sometimes be a last minute thought is toilet facilities for your guests, customers, public.  You will be surprised at what needs to be considered but that’s where Countyloos steps in and we are with you all the way.


So what is in the planning.

There is quite a lot to consider when hiring portable toilets for your outdoor event. We recommend that before you even start you need to establish some of these points.  Information you will need to gather is duration of the event, number of people attending, the split of male, female, children, numbers.  Will you need to cater for disabled guests.  If there will be alcohol at the event as this will have an impact on the amount of portable toilets required.  Where the toilets are to be positioned and access availability.  If you have these questions already answered then you can be assured that once you pick up the phone to our expert team you will be providing adequate facilities for your event. Just to give you an example an event with an attendance of 500 people over 5 hours with alcohol 4 portable loos would be required.


Wedding Events

This is such a special day for all couples and the precision planning that goes into your outdoor event will be of the highest standards.  This means you would want your guests to have toilet facilities that would match the level of quality and luxury you are offering from marquee to food to entertainment.  This is where you would want to consider luxury toilet trailers.  When it comes to planning for your wedding make sure you know the age, type, number, and mobility of your guests. Weddings also usually involve a fair bit of drinking by the guests and this can lead to more regular visits to the toilet than usual. We will guide you on the toilets you will need to again prevent excessive queues developing.



Safety is paramount for your event and this would probably be the first area you will need to spend time checking out. When looking to site your portable toilets you will need to make sure the following is available:-

  • Access to the site for delivery
  • Access to the site for emptying
  • Flat ground for positioning
  • Electrical supply for lights
  • Electrical supply for lighting, fresh water or hot water within the toilets


When you are ready to get your event off with a swing then pick up the phone and our team are on hand to guide you.

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